How to efficiently protect your city

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How to efficiently protect your city Empty How to efficiently protect your city

Post by Thalia2 on Fri Feb 12, 2010 3:20 pm

1. always have one wharehouse (lvl9 if possible)
Even with a maxed privateering, your enemy won't be able to plunder all your resources, so you always can comfort and prevent your city from dying (a dead city is a city with loyalty at 0 & grievances at 100 ie population at 0)
It is also harder to conquer a city that receives comfort every 15 minutes, and is more likely to be reinforced before it is lost.

2. Always have an embassy in each city
It should if possible be lvl9 or 10 asap.
You must allow garnison in every city (checkbox in the embassy screen). It allows the other alliance members to send you reinforcements.

3. Load your walls
Everybody probably already knows it, but it protects from the first 2 attacks on your city.
I would suggest to keep :
- 1000 to 2000 abatis (to prevent from fast attacks with cavalry)
- 1 to 10 traps, logs, and trebuchets (they have only one shot but it gives free turns to your archer towers)
- all the rest loaded with Archer towers (17k at least for lvl 10 walls)

4. know what troops to train (not including what you need to farm npcs)
- archers until you have 90k
- pikemen until you have 20k
- scouts until you have 100k
Then you can open your gate, to prevent others to scout you. You also can chose to keep 0 scouts in your city, so that the enemy won't know wether your gate is opened or closed.

5. keep low taxes
If you farm npcs, gold is no issue, so the lower the taxes, the higher your loyalty (and the longer it takes to conquer your city)

6. hide ressources in the market
You can keep a certain amount of each resources in the market, by offering to sell them at an incredibly high price (500 to 1000 for instance)
Nobody will buy it, but if you find your city plundered, and have no resources, you just cancel the offers and have resources available to recover.
It is even possible to hide gold by trying to buy the most expensive resource at 0.001 gold per unit, and when you cancel the bid you retrieve most of your gold.

7. have an academy at the same lvl in all cities
So that the researches apply there.

Please comment this post and give your own advices, I will try and update the post adding ideas from the others Smile
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