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Post by Thalia2 on Fri Feb 12, 2010 4:59 pm

What is a "scout bomb"?
What is refered as a scouts bomb is an attack you launch against another player, with a hero and only scouts, but in attack mode (and NOT in scout mode).
The scouts will all die, but either destroy some of the opponent's fortification (if the gate is closed) or directly attack the most valuable unit group and kill some of them, bypassing the fortifications (if the gate is opened).

Why do people send scouts bombs?
- to lower their honor, which is important during war (see why here)
- to kill the enemies troops before lauching the big wave that will destroy the opponent's city's fortifications

How does it work?
- Scouts are very weak but also really fast, so they bypass all the opponent's fortifications (wall defences)
- Scouts attack the most expensive unit group. Most of the time people train archers massively, so in that case the archers will be targeted and a small amount killed with each scouts bomb
- It is a suicide mission, so all the scouts will die (however the wounded can be cured, and when your honor reaches 0 u can cure half your scouts each time)
- The higher the attack level of the hero you send, the more troops you can kill (however sending your best hero is risky: see below)
- If the enemy has closed his/her gate, and the walls are loaded with archers towers, your scouts won't really do any good

What are the risks?
- If your opponent has free slots in his / her feasting hall, you can lose the hero you send.
- All the scouts you send will die

How to be sure not to lose the hero you send?
You can use fodders. If you recruit very bad heroes and send a few in attack mode just before your scout bombs, you can fill in the enemy's feasting hall with those bad heroes who will be captured. Once the enemy's feasting hall is full you won't lose your heroes even sending 100k scouts on a suicide mission.

If you know how to use scout bombs efficiently, you can fight very strong opponents, even if they have a well protected city (of course it is not the only thing you must know, but it certainly helps a lot)
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