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Post by LysergiX on Mon Nov 16, 2009 10:06 pm

I tried finding something like this in all the websites dedicated to the game but didn't find exactly what I was looking for. Hopefully someone else will find this chart as helpful as myself.


These are the base statistics for Military Units. I did not take any Items, Academy Upgrades, or Hero effects into consideration when making the chart.

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Military Unit Chart Empty Re: Military Unit Chart

Post by Renegade1G on Sun Nov 22, 2009 6:38 am

It is imperative that everyone put forth the effort to build your achers and AT's early in the game. So when you come off protection, you stand a chance to defend yourself. Having enough workers to move resources as you attack other cities is also important.

The purpose of Warriors are to help fill the "traps" when you attack saving you quite a few of your archers. Training these in conjunction with your archers are a smart idea.

Scouts are important in both attacking and defending. Make as many as possible. Once you get to about 10k you should be good. Having this many while attacking is beneficial just in case they have their gates open. Your scouts will fight theirs. Normally, the one with more wins. However, do not forget to send a hero high with intelligence with that scout party. He/she will help tremendously. Having this many allows you to open your gates safer than most. If someone sends in 5 k of scouts. Not only will he lose them all, but he/she won't get a report either providing he doesn't kill at least 10% of your scouts.

Pikemen are almost worthless as far as I'm concerned. They're good to send along with your workers should you be moving resources. Because you will lose some along the way to Barbarians or computer fault. Bottom line, these in my opinion are pointless.

Swordsman: See last sentence in above paragraph.

Archers: These are your bread and butter of your army. The more the merrier. There is nothing like the feeling of sending out your own army of 50k archers.

Calvary: These particular troops are debatable as to their usefulness. They come in handy moving larger amounts of resources quickly compared to Worker's speeds. Another use for them is bombarding a building over and over again. This speeds up the ability to drop the cities loyalty

Cataphracts: See above for my opinion

Transporters: Highly needed. Set a goal to get these as soon as possible. These are needed mainly for NPC towns.

Ballistas: The last weapon you will truly need. These are needed as well when attacking a lvl 1-5 NPC. REMEMBER!!: Anything higher than lvl 5 will result in losses due to the rolling logs.

Battering Ram: I have heard people use these on normal players but with little defenses. These supposedly will help to open the gates quicker. Though, I have not personnally tried it.

Catapults: I have yet to hear anything good about these. They're huge, hungry and slow. Not worth their wait or space for that matter.

Traps: Traps are helpful and will take every unit out there. They are the cheapest and only take up 1 space on the wall.

Abitis: 500-1k of these normally will back off anyone from sending multiple waves of cav's at you.

AT's: These are your defensive treasures. As stated before, the average idea behind these are 5 to 1 with losses and 10 to 1 with minimal losses.

Rolling logs: These will do some serious damage depending on what type of army is sent. For example, if we sent ballistas and transporters the rolling logs would not even bother to look it up and realized why I stopped.

Finally, the defensive Trebuchet: Though it does cost a lot of damage. It takes a great deal of space that would be better used for AT's and they are only capable of being used once.

Now everyone is going to have an opinion about what troops you should build, etc... That is completely up to you as you have your own type of fighting habits. Just remember, build hard and fast while you are in protection because a good possibility all hell will break loose when you come out.

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