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Post by LysergiX on Mon Nov 16, 2009 12:06 am

I thought this might be a convenient way to share information about the game with each other. There are places for all kinds of information, and as we as an alliance grow, so will this forum.

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Welcome to our Forum! Empty got attacked

Post by Rangerick on Mon Nov 16, 2009 1:34 pm

got ruined today. pres 1000 and no resources no armies and no one close to help. now what

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Welcome to our Forum! Empty attacks

Post by MisstressB on Wed Nov 18, 2009 12:51 am

Well Rick..it happens to the best of us, dont worry it won't be the last time it happens to you either. Evil or Very Mad There are a few different things you can do when that happens to you. You were attacked relentlessly and when you are in that position you have to take drastic measures. If you have a truce, you can pull the truce and rebuild HARD for 12 hours straight. I would not advice using the truce unless you can actually devote hours to rebuilding or it doesnt do you much good. If you have a teleport, get the hell out of there, FAST. One fun little thing I have learned, if you are going to teleport WHILE being attacked, wait about 1 minute before the attacks hit. The attackers get NOTHING and it pisses them off like you wouldn't believe. Razz Unless you want to lose all your troops..which is what looked like happened to you, keep your GATES closed. If your gates are closed, you just lose your defenses and your resources. Remember, your troops arent your defensvie measures. At least to me they aren't. Everyone plays differently, and that makes no ones advice wrong, just simply different. So take mine for what ever it is worth. Very Happy It is easier and faster to have your alliance send you resources to help you, yes, even if it takes hours to get there, than to try to do an attack with your gates open and lose your troops. It takes a long time to recruit those damn archers! Sleep Now, in a case where you are minutes from being attacked, and you see that you have more troops and you can really win the attack, wait til about 1 minute before the attack hits and OPEN THOSE GATES!!! They most likely will not expect it and you will beat their asses down where they belong. The reason to always wait until the very last minute is this.....when you are attacking, there is always a possibility that someone is reinforcing the player you are trying to plundner or conquer. You will not know this until your attack hits, and what a horrible surprise it is to find that happens to you. Mad If you are smart, ALWAYS scout first...this will tell you what they have (if your informatics are where they should be) so you know if you can win or not..PLUS this tells you exactly how long it takes for the cout to get there. Why care how long it takes the scout?? Because let's say it takes 2 minutes for your scout to do his thing.....3 or 4 minutes before the attack hits, send a scout AGAIN...that will tell you if any new reinforcements have been set in. If there ha been a change...perhaps they move their resources on you, perhap they have an extra 100k archers that werent there before and you would lose all the troops you send....if you see a drastic change at the last minute, you can recall your army and lose nothing!!! Cool Smooth huh? LOL! Any way...i the event of a relentless attack like whatr happened to you, call upon you alliance...hit the chat to see if anyone is there, email people to alert them of the attack. If no one is on, then ntell them again after the attack of the damage involed and ask for resources to be sent. Smoetimes, it is all we can do. I don't know if this actually helped you or anyone else, but there it is. It has helped me in the past and I hope you can find a littel wisdom in it. Bend it to fit your playing style and remember.....REVENGE IS SWEET!!! Twisted Evil

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